Early Childhood Montessori Diploma (2½ – 6 years) – ECMD
Our Early Childhood Montessori Diploma (ECMD) programme is packaged and designed to equip individuals who wish to train as Montessori teachers with a high level of professional understanding and thorough knowledge of the Montessori Method of Education for Children aged 2½ through 6 years. It provides the right balance of theory and practical experience which the student requires, and gives instruction in the use of Montessori materials for the 2½ through 6 years age range across the curriculum areas.

The diploma programme covers both the academic and practical phases. The academic phase of the programme is composed of lectures, research work, student seminars and presentation of papers. School observations, presentations of Montessori materials, supervised practice sessions, material making and compulsory teaching internship make up the practical phase. The main components of this practical phase are material making (teacher-made materials), making Montessori learning folders and a minimum of 300 contact hours of supervised teaching practice in our accredited Montessori Early Childhood Classroom.

There are seven categories/ study mode options available to our numerous students to choose from. They are:

Lower Elementary Montessori Diploma (6 – 9 years) – LEMD
Courses to be updated soon. Please stay tuned.

Upper Elementary Montessori Diploma (9 – 12 years) – UEMD
Courses to be updated soon. Please stay tuned.