Why should I enroll?

IMTTI’s dedication to our students sets us apart from other Montessori training options. We created our Montessori programmes with you in mind — providing comprehensive and quality training with flexible payment plan.
Successful completion of IMTTI diploma programme sets the foundation for our graduates to work in a Montessori environment, enrich their existing programme, or to develop their own Montessori environment.


IMTTI’s commitment to quality is apparent in all we do. Our experienced Montessori tutors provide students with outstanding support and mentorship. Our world-class Montessori curriculum manuals are the most comprehensive you will find, combining authentic Montessori theory and practice with proven contemporary ideas. In every way, IMTTI’s high-quality Montessori education programmes equip our students with a solid Montessori foundation.


IMTTI’s number one priority is our students! Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, from the moment you first contact us. We are here to answer the phone when you call and respond to your questions when you email. Our administrative team works to ensure each student is treated as an individual. Our tutors work full-time with IMTTI, guiding and mentoring our students. Whether you need academic advice, tutoring guidance, administrative assistance, or other Montessori information, we take the time to listen to you and provide the answers you need.


We offer options in the way you pay: You can choose the cost-saving one-time payment or the easy-to-manage five-payment option. IMTTI strives to always provide our students with exceptional training at the best value possible. Our tuition fees are affordable, yet we have not sacrificed on quality, offering such a robust program.


Agnes Ajenu

Agnes Ajenu Director, Cherryfield N/P School, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

IMTTI’s programme is challenging and thought provoking. It has given me a very sound foundation in Montessori Education. I am happy to have chosen the Institute’s Early Childhood Montessori Diploma Programme.

Zulai Umar Muhammad

Zulai Umar Muhammad Proprietress, Olive Int’l School, Kaduna.

I considered many options before choosing the IMTTI Diploma programme and I am very glad I did because it is one of the few institutes that really go in-depth in Montessori Theory and Philosophy. I find the training challenging and engaging; in fact it brings out the best in me. Our school would definitely benefit from what I have learnt. I feel “Specially Trained”.

Mary Lovina Okoh

Mary Lovina Okoh Assistant Director (Rtd.), Federal Ministry of Education Head Quarters, Abuja.

I am a retired educationist from the Ministry of Education. Having floated an educational consult for years, I had the urge to add more professional knowledge especially in the area of Early Childhood Education to enable me consult in this area too. I thank God for making me locate IMTTI India – Nigeria, Abuja Centre.

Arafat Abdulwaheed

Arafat Abdulwaheed School Owner/Educational Consultant Kaduna – Nigeria.

My personal assessment of the Early Childhood Montessori Diploma Programme of IMTTI India – Nigeria is undoubtedly a great eye-opener and an all-round career-enhancer, whether the trainee is a teacher, a trainer or a consultant.

Yusuf O. Taiwo

Yusuf O. Taiwo Head Teacher, NEBC Montessori Academy (MONAC), Apo, Abuja.

I really enjoyed every step of my diploma programme with IMTTI Nigeria-Abuja centre. I loved the way my tutor guided me throughout my programme, and assisted me kindly and respectfully. It was a really wonderful experience, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for the best Montessori teacher training programme, to choose IMTTI Nigeria.

Aisha Okatahi Abdullahi

Aisha Okatahi Abdullahi Teacher @ I-scholars Int’l Academy Gwarinpa, Abuja.

The Diploma course conducted by IMTTI Nigeria has exceeded my expectations. The course curriculum is comprehensive and productive. I have encouraged my co-teachers to also enroll for the programme.

Sharafadeen Jimoh

Sharafadeen Jimoh Head Teacher – Kaduna.

My enrolment at IMTTI, Kaduna centre has prepared me with all it takes to handle young learners with constructive patience and keen observation.

Ajilloh Ann Onwa

Ajilloh Ann Onwa Teacher @ Starville School Gwarinpa, Abuja.

I took interest in Montessori education when I saw the need to inculcate active learning strategies in teaching the young minds in my care. Through its rigorous exercises and practical modules, IMTTI’s rich programme has tremendously sharpened my teaching skills as my pupils always look forward to my lessons now. Kudos to my knowledgeable instructor and the entire IMTTI directorate.

Aminat Hashim

Aminat Hashim Proprietress, Al-Majd Int’l Schools, Kaduna.

I wasn’t passionate enough when I started teaching until Montessori Method was introduced to me. Kudos to IMTTI India – Nigeria (Kaduna Centre).

Essien Mary Inemesit

Essien Mary Inemesit Teacher @ Cherryfield N/P School Gwarinpa, Abuja.

IMTTI Montessori diploma programme is simply the best. Lectures and practical trainings are made easy for students to grasp concepts. I will rate it 100%